SLNA Members and Supporters

The SLNA represents housing groups and organizations in its catchment area. SLNA membership is for a BUILDING and Members pay annual dues and have voting delegates whose number depends on the number of Units in the Building.

The 2016 Membership fee for Full Members is $2.70/Unit up to a maximum of $325

The Associate Membership fee for 2016 is $30




1 Church Street TCHC Longboat Residents' Association
2 Longboat Avenue
15 Scadding Avenue TCHC Market Galleria MTCC 731
71 Front Street East
25 The Esplanade MTCC 850 Market Square MTCC 597 and MTCC 628
35 Church Street and 80 Front Street East
55 The Esplanade TCHC Marketview Housing Co-op
110 George Street South
140 The Esplanade TCHC Metropole MTCC 1170
7 King Street East
176 The Esplanade TCHC  
New Hibret Co-op Homes
2 Market Street
Abbey Lane Lofts TSCC 1503
261 King Street East
New Times Square Phase 1 MTCC 1280
109 Front Street East
Bentley MTCC 596
55 Lombard Street
New Times Square Phase 2 MTCC 1385
109 Front Street East
Berczy TSCC 2332
55 Front Street E.
New Town of York MTCC 573
135 George St South
Caroline Co-op
93 Longboat Avenue
OWN Housing Co-op
115 The Esplanade
Cathedral Court Co-op
85 Henry Lane Terrace
Crombie Park
25 Henry Lane Terrace TCHC
Old York Place 2 MTCC 837
25 George Street
David B. Archer Co-op
158 The Esplanade
Old York Tower Senior Housing
85 The Esplanade

East Lofts TSCC 2081
138 Princess

Performing Arts Lodge
110 The Esplanade
Family Action Network (F.A.N.)
31 Princess Street
Frederick House MTCC 1057
159 Frederick Street
Space Lofts TSCC 1625
255 Richmond Street East
Gooderham Court MTCC 549
30 Church Street
Spire TSCC 1864
33 Lombard Street
Harmony A Housing Co-op
32A Henry Lane Terrace
St. James Condominium MTCC 1295
39 Jarvis Street
Harmony B Housing Co-op
150 Longboat Avenue
St Lawrence on the Park MTCC 782
65 Scadding Avenue
Harmony Co-Op Homes Inc.
33 Princess Street
Victorian MTCC 1148
105 Victoria Sreet
Indigo MTCC 1058
50 Lombard Street
Vu 2 TSCC 2087
112 George Street
King George Square MTCC 1330
168 King Street East
Wellington MTCC 590
30 Wellington Street East
King's Court TSCC 1708
230 King Street East
Windmill Line Co-op
125 Scadding Avenue
Liberty Lofts MTCC 1388
383 Adelaide St. E
Woodsworth Housing Co-op
133 Wilton Street
London on The Esplanade TSCC 2035
38 The Esplanade
Yorktown on the Park MTCC 955
222 The Esplanade

This is an experimental map - last updated in fall 2013.

It shows Members (in Blue) and Potential Members (in Red.)

Click this link to view SLNA Member Buildings in a larger map - with additional information.



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If your Building is not a Member or if you would like to become a Supporter - CONTACT US

Delegates' Code of Conduct

Preamble:  This Code is designed to ensure that Delegates represent their housing groups and the SLNA with honesty, integrity and effectiveness, both during meetings and with the community at large.

Each Delegate shall:

* Be an active member of the SLNA, remaining informed and supportive of SLNA matters and ensuring familiarity with the SLNA bylaws and mandate, responding to emails as appropriate, volunteering when possible, attending SLNA Delegates Meetings, and sharing information between their housing group and the SLNA.

* Seek to be informed and supportive of SLNA matters and be familiar with the SLNA by-laws and mandate.

* Support the diversity of our community and not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation or housing group; abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

* Be respectful at all times of all community members, including delegates and meeting guests.

* Address concerns directly to the appropriate party(ies) and ask for clarification when necessary.

Meeting Guests are encouraged to embrace the spirit of cooperation embodied in this Code.

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