SLNA Objectives and Mandate

SLNA By-Laws

Here are the SLNA By-Laws They were last updated in June 2012.

SLNA Letters Patent The SLNA is Provincially incorporated. Here are our our Letters Patent.

Under our By-Laws the SLNA has a number of objectives, these are:

* To enhance the quality of life in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To encourage change and development beneficial to all residents, visitors and businesses in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To strengthen the heritage character of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To represent the Members of the Association in negotiations and communications with neighbouring associations, groups, individuals, the media and the general public.

* To represent the St. Lawrence neighbourhood at all levels of government and to influence political actions affecting the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To encourage a sense of community within the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To act as an interface and facilitate communications for all groups within the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

* To undertake projects requiring - or benefiting from - community support to serve overall community purposes and the objectives of the Association.

These can be divided into two basic objectives:

    Community building
    Monitoring and influencing new development

A list of some of the SLNA's current projects is available on the Committees page.

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Community building

Safety is a special part of our community-building program, we work closely with 51 Division of the Toronto Police Service. We appoint a representative to the 51 Division Community-Police Liaison Committee, which provides feedback from the neighbourhood to the police and from the police to the neighbourhood. 

The Canada Day celebration on July 1 represents an outreach program to bring the neighbourhood’s multicultural groups together in planning and participating in a parade and picnic to celebrate this special day. 

Monitoring and influencing new developments

The SLNA Development Committee is a sophisticated lobbying group working with city planners and developers. Their mandate is to ensure that new developments in our area follow City policies. More information on the Committee and the Guidelines they follow is available HERE.

The SLNA is dedicated to helping the St. Lawrence neighbourhood maintain its international reputation as a model for a diverse, mixed-income, multicultural, healthy and safe living neighbourhood. 

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