Community Improvement Plan

Between 2005 and 2007 the City of Toronto, our Councillor (Pam McConnell) and the SLNA discussed the creation of a Community Improvement Plan for the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. This was approved by City Council in January 2008. Though this plan covers only part of the area covered by the SLNA, it is an exciting development as it will be the basis for future building development and community development projects in a large part of our neighbourhood.

What are CIP's?

Community Improvement Plans (CIPs) enable municipalities to provide financial incentives to support the improvement and rehabilitation of defined areas called Community Improvement Project Areas. Without the adoption of a CIP, the City of Toronto is prohibited from providing financial incentives to businesses (called 'bonusing') as this could lead to an unfair competition with other jurisdictions.

The City of Toronto has also created a Secondary Plan for the King-Parliament Area (which covers the approximate area from Jarvis to the Don River and Queen to The Esplanade.) The creation of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood CIP and the Secondary Plan for the King Parliament Area is a wonderful start, but the SLNA remains committed to working with our Councillor and City staff to create detailed Community Improvement Plans for all parts of our neighbourhood.

On January 29 and 30, 2008 the Toronto and East York Community Council proposed and, as By-law 85-2008, the City Council approved, the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood CIP and agreed to an implementation strategy.

Both these Plans guide development within our area of the City.

The CIP lists several Programs and Projects and among these these are:

Program 1: Heritage Interpretation Program. Additional plaques and markers on important heritage sites.
Program 2: Heritage Building illumination. An exterior lighting program is to be developed for heritage buildings. Consultant appointed 2008/09.
Program 3: Toronto Heritage Grants: Assist property owners to obtain grants.
Program 4: Streetscape Design and Street Furniture. This will include new paving, decorative paving, widened sidewalks, lighting, and street furniture.
Program 5: Street tree planting. Additional street trees will be planted.
Program 6: Tree pit covers. Tree pit covers will be installed to protect street trees.
Program 7: Wayfinding signage. Improved signage will be installed.
Program 8: Bicycle Lanes. Additional and improved bike lanes.

Project 1: Berczy Park improvements.
Project 2: St. James Park improvements
Project 3: Jarvis Street rail underpass improvements. - See BELOW.
Project 4: Yonge Street rail underpass improvements.
Project 5: Yonge/The Esplanade Intersection improvements
Project 6: PATH expansion to Sony Centre. SEE: info on Sony Centre and 3-5 The Esplanade on Development Committee page.
Project 7: Church Street terminus improvements.
Project 8: Victoria Street and Colborne Street improvements.
Project 9: King TTC Subway Station entrances improvements.
Project 10: Farquars Lane improvements.
Project 11: Scott Lane improvements.
Project 12: New park at 125 The Esplanade. Design a new park on the site directly south of the St Lawrence Market. See: Information on North Market on Development Committee page. This site will be used for temporary North Market prior to being transformed into a park.
Project 13: St. Lawrence Market. Improvements to the loading dock area on The Esplanade.

It should be noted that several of these projects are fairly long-term and depend on other developments in our neighbourhood. For example:

The development of a park at 125 The Esplanade must wait until the North St. Lawrence Market is redeveloped - the area of this future park (the small parking lot just south of the South St. Lawrence Market) will be used to temporarily house the North Market merchants and the Sunday Antique Fair while the North Market is being rebuilt.

The Scott Lane improvements will happen only after the Five Corners and London Lofts Developments are completed on Church and The Esplanade as this Lane runs through or behind these sites.

The PATH expansion towards the Sony Centre can occur only if, or when, the L Tower at Yonge and Front and The Esplanade and the development of 5-7 The Esplanade is completed as any PATH connection will reach the east side of Yonge Street as part of these linked developments. See Development Committee page.

CIP Presentation at October 2008 meeting. (Large pdf file )

CIP Presentation at October 2008 meeting. (Small pdf file)

Report to Council on Lower Jarvis (and Lower Sherbourne) Streets (April 2009).

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